Saturday, July 18, 2015

Womens' Ordination

In an exchange of messages on the Facebook group, 
"Anglican Evangelicals," I was shocked to discover 
that refusal to ordain female clergy was still practiced 
by some Anglican quasi-denominations.

The antediluvian troglodytes of these sects
seem to enjoy dressing up in colorful vestments
and consecrating one another as bishops, but
they run what are strictly "boys' clubs."

There is nothing in scripture that forbids
women's ordination, setting aside Paul's 
admonitions to women to veil their heads
and keep their mouths shut while in church.

I wholeheartedly support the ordination
of women priests.  Especially, I admire
those brave women who left The Episcopal Church
to join the forces who follow the orthodox faith.

Therefore, I do not wish to have members
of our Facebook group whose identity is
primarily dependent upon keeping women
from their rightful place at the altar.

Where such is a matter of custom, I urge
them to change as soon as possible.  I also
suggest that Anglican catholics, pentecostals,
and fundamentalists find more compatible groups.

The Facebook group, "Anglican Evangelicals,"
is focussed on the Great Commission.
We are pleased to publish the news and events
of Anglicans who are in the front lines of evangelism.

Whether or not The Episcopal Church will be
replaced as the authentic voice of Anglicanism
in the U.S.A. depends upon the willingness 
of the orthodox faithful to present a united front.

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