Sunday, November 16, 2014

Anglican Evangelicals

We know who we are
even though we may not be
completely clear as to what 
an evangelical is or does.

Basically, we try to reach
the unchurched, to bring them
to the saving grace of Christ
and enlist them in His service.

Anglican Evangelicals do not
have a named church as such.
We worship in a variety of
Christian churches everywhere.

The distinguishing feature is our
heritage in the great history of 
The Church of England and its
Anglican and Episcopal successors.

Thus our doctrines are an 
amalgam of catholic and 
reformation theology, bent to
suit out worldly outlook.

Thanks to a simplistic reading
of the writings of Richard Hooker,
we value reason and tradition in
interpreting the revelations of the bible.

Individual salvation is our 
primary goal for all, to be
attained through example,
exhortation, and education.

Outreach, the good works
of modern culture, is secondary
to the fulfillment of the 
Great Commission in our actions.