Monday, July 13, 2015

Same-sex marriage

A fractious Supreme Court has discovered
a constitutional right no one knew existed
that permits two adult persons of the same sex
to be joined legally in the state of marriage.

This pronouncement overturns the will of the people
as expressed in referenda in various states,
thus clearly violating the tenth amendment and
launching a continuing controversy over 
  a contentious issue.

The difficulty facing same-sex recipients
of a legal wedding is that the word, "marriage,"
cannot be used to describe a condition
that is biologically impossible, namely procreation.

Despite how one may feel about the joy experienced
by those who are united in the eyes of the law,
there is only one way to adequately describe
their "marriage" ... it is absurd.

Society in general, and legislatures in particular
may be willing to give same-sex partners
the privileges afforded conventional couples,
and certainly can impose the same requirements.

But legal "marriage" of same-sex persons
can never earn the blessing of God.
The theological arguments are so comprehensive
that they cannot be summarized succinctly.

Adding insult to incompetence, the dear old
Episcopal Church, in its triennial convention,
decided to ignore all hazards, and authorize
the performance of same-sex weddings in its churches.

Considering that previous "progressive" moves
by The Episcopal Church have failed to arrest
the 18 percent decline of membership in the past decade,
further digging while in a hole commences.

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