Saturday, February 7, 2015

What's In It for Me?

February 7, 2015

What's In It for Me.

In his book, "The Unbelievable Gospel,"
Jonathan Dodson maintains that modern
evangelism begins by establishing a personal
relationship with a prospective convert.

In my words, the evangelist must be prepared
to answer the question from the prospect,
"What's in it for me?", because that is
the modern key to accepting the gospel.

"Will I be a success if I become a Christian?"
Well, maybe, if your objectives are
to do things that benefit mankind, rather
than aggrandizing your position in the world.

"Will my personal problems be solved?"
Yes, if you concentrate your attitude
toward forgiving the shortcomings of others,
and becoming concerned for their well-being.

"Will I be happier than I am now?"
That depends on how you define happiness.
Yes, if it means you will be at peace with
yourself and those who are important to you.

"Will I be free from troubles and tragedy?"
No, that is the human condition.
You will be inspired to pray for
the strength to manage whatever befalls.

"Will I become a better person?"
Absolutely, you will be free of the
chains that the modern culture imposes
and follow a higher standard of behavior.

"Will my family and friends still like me?"
They certainly will respect you
even if they do not agree with you.
Fellow Christians will open their hearts to you.

"Will I be challenged, as a Christian?"
More and more, you will find yourself
doing tasks you never expected to perform
and thus becoming a servant of the Lord.

You will no longer fear death,
because you are assured of eternal life
in the company of saints like you
and the persons you loved in this world.