Monday, May 1, 2017

Takeover of TEC

The time is ripe to advocate.
organize, and mount a takeover
of The Episcopal Church and
restore its traditional beliefs.

TEC is bankrupt in ideas
and finances, rudderless, and
losing its grip upon a declining
number of members in the pews.

Fourteen years ago, a small
group of “progressive” activists
inflicted an agenda upon us that
destroyed the Anglican communion.

Since then, the rites and practices
of The Episcopal Church and its
cohorts have strayed further from
biblical and traditional beliefs.  

Now the novelty of same-sex
weddings, open communion, and
abandonment of repentance has
marginalized a once stately church.

Only a sturdy minority of such
clergy as The Community Partners
keeps the flame of orthodoxy alive
in its disparate jurisdictions.

They and concerned laity can be
the force of renewal, loudly
proclaiming truth and demanding
reversal of false doctrine.