Saturday, April 29, 2017

Episcopal Evangelicals

Most people would think that
the term, “Episcopalian Evangelicals”
is an oxymoron, and that such
persons really cannot exist.

Not so, quite a few are
alive and well and singularly
untroubled by the ambiguity
of their position in their church.

First, there are the ancients,
those lifelong Episcopalians
who cling to a local parish
that they know and love.

It is not that they have
accepted the progressive
theology of the denomination,
they simply ignore it.

In some parts of the country,
notably New England,
there are few alternatives
to the Episcopal liturgy.

Therefore, our evangelicals
show up in Episcopal churches
to worship God and participate
in the community activities.

Greater numbers of
Episcopal Evangelicals
are found in traditional
parishes and dioceses.

Their parishioners take
the position of the leaders
of same who are committed
to traditional beliefs.

Then there are those clergy
who cling to their positions
in order to protect their
lifelong Episcopal pensions.

We cannot be critical of
any of these Evangelicals
because they represent a
stand against apostasy.

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