Saturday, November 26, 2016


There is no social issue
more divisive nor impossible
to resolve than the termination
of life at its earliest stages.

Society once tried and failed
to extinguish abortion by law,
resulting in the killing of young
mothers in slaughterhouses.

Adherents of "pro-life" tactics
call again for forbidding
abortion under any circumstances
without means of enforcement.

The opposing "pro-choice"
calls for acceptance up to the
time a fetus could be delivered
as a viable human being.

The downside of unlimited
abortion results in the procedure
being used as sex selection, and
elimination of defective babies.

But when we deplore the horrendous
condition of Zika-affected babies,
and the products of rape or incest,
we question absolute prohibition.

There is, then, no acceptable
middle ground which society
can accept other than modest
prohibition of late term abortions.

From a religious standpoint,
theologians have not succeeded
in relating scripture to abortion,
other than calling it murder.

We suggest that those who are
opposed to abortion in principle
or religious belief, adopt one or
more unwanted babies per year.

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