Saturday, June 18, 2016


We were asked what our
position was on rights of
LGBTQI persons in our church
and on society in general.

Our immediate response was that
we had no position on their rights.
All persons are God’s children and
therefore have the same rights as all.

Well, does your church recognize
the rights of same-sex persons to
marry each other, as approved by
The Supreme Court?

The only marriage that our church
blesses is that of man and woman,
as stated in holy scripture and
in our traditional practice.

We do not marry people,
people marry each other in
the sight of God which we
call upon Him to bless.

Regardless of society’s mandates
we cannot contravene that which
we believe to please those who
disagree with Christian doctrine.

We welcome all persons to  worship
with others, participate in the liturgy,
repent their sins, and give thanks
for His blessings in this life..

We make no special demands on
our parishioners other than to follow
Jesus in the best way they know,
and to love and respect one another.

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