Sunday, October 12, 2014

Four Little Churches

Four little churches in a
large Episcopal diocese
are in  transition, searching
for the next rector.

None of them have 
sufficient means to pay the
compensation for clergy
required by the diocese.

The diocesan consultsants
recommend that each church
withdraw large sums from 
endowed funds to cover.

Inasmuch as the attendance and
collections at each church have 
been declining for years, there
is little chance of replenishment.

The diocese pursues two aims:
Keep clergy employed while
insuring that the assessments
continue to flow to the diocese.

The consultants have suggested
paying only 3/4 of the prescribed
compensation for clergypersons
but retaining full assessments.

Faced with little prospect
of expanding their congregations,
the little churches will eventually
run out of endowed funds.

When this happens, and the
church closes its doors, the
remaining assets and buildings
revert to the diocese.

Not only does the church vanish,
but the buildings which the 
people paid for over the years
are sold on the open market.

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