Thursday, May 23, 2013

Choral Works

The Outer Cape Chorale recently gave a concert,
"21st Century Choral Masterpieces,"
Featuring segments or short works by
Contemporary composers of choral pieces.

Choral works may be unknown to the general public,
But to the thousands of choirs and chorales,
They are the staff of life, so many of
Their composers are known to such groups.

Most choral composers are music professors
And conductors of their works to audiences.
A few have received broad recognition
And critical prizes and awards.

Wikipedia search will bring up the biographies of
Morton Lauridsen, Arvo Part, John Rutter,
Eric Whitacre, and Z. Randall Stroope.
Who are almost entirely choral composers.

Stephen Paulus and Frank Tichelli are
Multi-faceted, composing orchestral works as well.
Also featured on the program described above were
Selections from Abbie Betinis and Gyneth Walker.

Two rising young stars, to use an old expression,
Are Ola Gjeilo and Kentaro Sato, whose
Breadth and depth of composition astonish.
See their websites for their extensive repertoire.

The internet has made these composers
Commercially savvy in their activities.
CDs and sheet music are available directly
From their sites or from subscription sources.

To this Anglican Witness, choral works are
One of the three great pillars of our worship,
The others being the exalted language of the prayers,
And the interaction of celebrant and congregants.

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