Friday, November 9, 2012

Schism and Separation

Nine years ago
A small Christian sect
Took a momentous step
In the name of progression.

In sync with the changing attitudes
Of the general population,
This church in conclave approved
The consecration of a homosexual bishop.

While a state of being
Is neither sin nor crime,
His intimate homosexual relationship
Would heretofore be proscribed.

Media swarmed over the news
As a juicy story of potential conflict.
But no riots or outcry resulted.
Parishes went about their activities.

No story, hence no publicity,
Until a few parishes
Declared a separation from
Their dioceses and denomination.

Shocked by their resistance to change,
Bishops expelled these congregations
From their property and seized their assets
To preserve them for future loyalists.

Meanwhile, a very modest bishop
Who occupied the see of Pittsburgh
Slowly gathered a network of faithful
Distressed by the departure from tradition.

Since then, they have established
A rival denomination that grows
While the parent suffers
Loss of attendance and support.

It is not our purpose to
Debate or defend theological differences,
But the politics of the situation
Are similar to the division of nations.

No revolution need occur.
When for the good of both parties,
A separation becomes necessary,
It may be quietly negotiated.

Unfortunately, the parent denomination
Of the Christian sect in our story
Has acted with extraordinary malice
Toward its rebellious children.

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