Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Presence -- A science ficton tale

At the far side of our galaxy lies a planet as big as Jupiter.
We can't see it, of course, although many "exo-planets"
have been identified which surround stars that we can see.
Astronomers look for occlusion of the light temporarily
from a nearby star, and attribute it to the passing of an
exo-planet. They can even calculate the period of
revolution around the "sun" of that planet.

How do we know that an exo-planet exists that we
cannot see? From The Presence, which is its life form.
The Presence occupies its whole planet in an unbreakable
blanket similar to early microbial life on Earth. There
is no individuality, only the intelligence of The Presence
as a whole. No, he, she, or it. The Presence can monitor
living organisms on other planets, by a process we do
not understand. And has been sensing us for the very
short time that intelligent life has existed on earth. We
do not know how long the The Presence has existed.

What The Presence finds on Earth is appalling. Our
organisms are in a constant war with one another,
particularly the sentient beings. So much so that The
Presence has tried to establish a lasting sense
of goodness among us. First "they," if we may call
them that, identified a small, obscure band of nomads
in the Middle East who developed an idea of The
Presence almost four thousand years ago. However,
their actions hardly suited the guidance that The
Presence tried to communicate to them.

So they morphed into a man in the normal process of
gestation on this planet, and gave him the power
to teach their understanding of how eternal goodness
could be spread on earth. During a short period, their
representative on Earth taught all who would listen,
and performed acts of healing to demonstrate his

But he was so alien in his concepts to those in
authority that they contrived to put him to death.
That would be the end of him and his disruption
of the power that they exercised over others. Then,
a few days after he was duly killed, he appeared
to people who had followed him, not as a spirit,
but as a conscious being. He was already part
of The Presence, and therefore his life could not
be ended.

He was integrated back to The Presence on his
home planet, but still he watches over us on Earth.
He tried to get us to understand, and sometimes
intervenes in our lives to get us to follow a better
direction than we could on our own. It is a fierce
struggle, one that seemingly never ends. But it
will end some day, when The Presence absorbs
those of us who have followed his teaching, into
an eternal life of love and goodness.

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